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PIAM Board of Directors

  • Paul Auffermann Esq
  • Thomas Bryant ARM, President
  • John Burns PhD
  • Michael Farrell
  • Kathleen Finnerty-Schroth CIC
  • William Frank Esq
  • James Gessner MD
  • George Ghareeb MD, Chair
  • Kenneth Hekman MD
  • Judd Kline MD
  • John King
  • Catherine Lanteri MD
  • Richard Mazzarella CIC
  • Najmosama Nikrui MD
  • Kristen Robson MD


  • Meghan Stanley

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December 2017: Professional Liability Update

PIAM Malpractice Bulletin

Welcome to the PIAM News Bulletin.

This bulletin looks at a wide range of issues that may impact your practice. We hope you find this information helpful and we look forward to your comments.

Disability — An Income Gap That Grows

— Tom Bryant, ARM

Disability statistics are not a topic most of us delve into deeply. Yet this risk arises out of unforeseen events that are much more common than most of us realize.  This month a colleague shared a few statistics with me.  Risks most of us imagine are far more common, like being the victim of identity theft (1 in 14 odds) or being the subject of an IRS audit (1 in 104 odds), turn out to be rare in comparison to becoming too sick or hurt to work for an extended period (1 in 4 odds).

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Winter Is Here

— Rich Weston, CIC

image of auto crash icon

Winter has arrived and everyone is re-learning how to drive on snowy, icy roads…Your practice manager drives to buy emergency copier paper when he causes a serious injury leaving a pedestrian permanently, totally disabled. Are you covered? Rich Weston, CIC, explores this coverage pitfalls that employers should be aware of in this hypothetical scenario.

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'Tis the Season for Vacation. Coverage Is On the Way

Take the hassle out of vacation coverage this season with Favorite Healthcare Staffing, brought to you by PIAM. There is preferred pricing for Massachusetts Medical Society members, and 24/7 placement team makes covering vacations painless. Favorite does the leg work in accordance with Joint Commission standards; this includes credentialing, skills assessment, testing, and more, as outlined in their hiring practices.  Favorite Healthcare Staffing has earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal, assuring that due diligence screening of every candidate is complete, before temporary staff steps into your office. Whether you need temporary, per diem, or permanent staff, Favorite Healthcare Staffing is here to help.

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PIAM Turns 25 

Physicians Insurance Agency of Massachusetts (PIAM) opened our doors on January 2, 1993. Established by the Massachusetts Medical Society, PIAM is mission driven to safeguard physicians, and your practices. We are here to be a resource for MMS members and the health care community. Please feel welcome to take advantage of our services and expertise as we celebrate our milestone anniversary year in 2018.

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